Argumentation Engine Demo

The ASPIC argumentation engine demo is based upon a prototype, Argumentation System that was built by Gerard Vreeswijk. The demo is an updated version of this prototype. It uses a prolog-like syntax and implements several flavours of argumentation semantics, conformant with the ASPIC theoretical framework.

The demo includes several ready-rolled examples and allows you to try out your own. Note however, that the system is unforgiving of syntax errors and will simply throw an HTTP500 (server error) if you get the syntax wrong. To use the system, enter some knoweldge and a query, check the semantics of the argumentation engine that you require and click submit. The engine will answer the first query you present and show you trace of the calculation. You can also view a graph of all arguments examined in the calculation. To see this graph you will need to be able to view SVG images. Firefox 1.5 has this capability built in. People who us Internet Explorer 6 and below will need to use a plugin such as the one provided by Adobe ( to view these images.

AIFXML "web service" implementation

The prototype system has an AIFXML interface, that provides AIF containing the result and proof of your query. The web interface has an "AIF" link to see the AIF output associated with a given input, but you can also use the service directly. Two examples are shown below.

AIFXML Schemas

Two XML schemas are defined. The first is a core AIF schema, and the second is an extension of this schema for showing an argument network as generated by the Argumentation System prototype. The raw schema and some documentation are available below:

Java components

ACL produced three Java components as part of the ASPIC project. More details can be found on the components page.